Company Name - Company Message
Edward Hlozek, CEO and Chairman 

Most recently CEO of Mind & Associates, Inc., Edward  has been a senior level business executive, founder  and Director of interventional and surgical/medical minimally invasive companies in cardiac, neurologic, orthopedic,  urologic,
                           gynecologic and ENT companies.  He has been responsible
                           for financial and clinical introductory oversight for Class I, II &
                           III Devices for minimally invasive techniques in all surgical
                           specialties, including RF therapy devices.  Designer and
                           patent holder for the current transcatheter platform
                           technologies of ValveCure.

Richard Heuser, MD, FACC, FACP,       
                             FESC, FSCAI

Internationally-recognized cardiologist, inventor, educator, author and one of the early pioneers of the angioplasty procedure.   Author of over 180 research studies, clinical textbooks, and author of 24 granted patents.   Scientific Advisory Board Chair for ValveCure; Professor of Medicine at                              the University of Arizona College of Medicine; Founder of the                              Phoenix Heart & Lung Center; Vascular Heart & Lung                                            Associates, PC; Principal Investigator: 100+ medical device                                studies and 50 pharmaceutical studies.

 Tom Witzel, VP Operations

Tom has extensive experience managing and participating in pre-clinical procedures and studies. Working with leading
                           cardiovascular technologies, including heart valves and other                             surgical and endovascular devices, Tom has collaborated
                           with prominent cardiovascular physicians in the U.S., Europe,
                           and China.  As an employee and consultant, Tom has
                           completed pre-clinical projects for Edwards Lifesciences,
                           Ventrica, HeartPort, MiCardia, and 3F Therapeutics. 

 John Osth, CFO   


CEO of NanoSomix, previously CEO Celula, Inc., Chairman & CEO of QuantumCor Inc., of which he has been a founder.  John has also held senior level positions at Baxter Healthcare including President of the Immunotherapy Division and head                               of European R&D. 
Board of Directors

  • Edward Hlozek, Chairman
  • Richard Heuser, MD, SAB Chairman
  • John Osth
  • Thomas Witzel
Scientific Advisory Board
  • Richard Heuser, MD
  • David Adams, MD
  • Peter Block, MD
  • Randy Chitwood, MD
  • Saibal Kar, MD
  • Jeffrey Milliken, MD